Application Criteria

Application Policies & Procedures

Hopyard Property Management does not discriminate against any person based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, familial status, or disability. The rental criteria listed below explains the policies with regard to standards that must be met by each applicant in order to be approved for residency.

Age – All applicants must be of legal age. All non-dependent parties 18 years or older are required to complete an application.

Identity Verification – All applicants (and co-signers when applicable) are required to provide a valid government issued photo identification.

Income – We require verification of income sources to be provided in the form of paystubs, tax returns, or other verifiable income documentation.

Credit History – Credit history will be verified by a third-party verification service. The applicant will receive a credit score based on statistical data such as payment history, number and type of accounts, outstanding debt, and age of accounts. Based on the credit score, the application will be accepted, denied, or accepted with conditions. Co-signers may be accepted in the case of limited credit history or full- time student status.

  • Accepted: The applicant will be accepted with the standard deposits and fees.
  • Accepted with Conditions: The applicant may be required to pay an additional deposit not to exceed a total of 2-months of market rent.
  • Denied: Application will not be accepted. The applicant will be provided with contact information for the consumer reporting agencies who provided consumer information.

Criminal Background – Criminal background checks will be conducted on all applicants by approved and authorized third-party firms. Hopyard Property Management will evaluate applicants’ criminal background consistent with applicable federal, state, and local laws. Any applicant with a conviction within the last 3- 10 years (depending on the crime(s)), or that indicate a demonstrable risk to the health, safety, or security of residents and their property may be denied.

Convictions that are reported, will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the applicant should be excluded. 

Applicants with No Credit History or Full-Time Students – If the applicant has no credit history or is a Full- Time student, the following may be required:

  • Pay an additional deposit not to exceed a total of 2 months of rent.
  • Secure a co-signer to improve the score to an accepted. A co-signer must complete an application, pay the application fee, meet all of the rental criteria, and sign the rental agreement. The co-signer will be held liable in case of any default by the applicant/resident.

Residents of Foreign Countries – If the applicant has no social security number, the following may be required:

  • Proof of foreign citizenship.
  • Written verification of employment or recent paycheck stub.
  • Proof of available funds OR upfront payment up to full term of the lease and security deposit.

Maximum Occupancy Standards – Occupancy limits based on current state law, allow for 2 occupants per bedroom, plus 1 occupant; as shown:

  • Studio/Bedroom Unit – 2 persons
  • 1-Bedroom Unit – 3 persons
  • 2-Bedroom Unit – 5 persons
  • 3-bedroom Unit – 7 persons

Application costs and fees

  • Application fee (per applicant): $49.00

Pet Criteria and Deposits – A dog or cat is considered a pet. No caged or exotic animals are allowed. Pets are allowed if the property specifically states they are allowed.

Pet deposit and rent are as follows:

  • Pet Deposit: $500.00 per pet
  • Pet Rent: $50.00 per month

Renter’s Insurance – All lease holders are required to maintain renter’s insurance with no less than $100,000 liability. It is your responsibility to provide proof of insurance prior to move-in.