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Hopyard Property Management is committed to providing the highest level of service in the industry. We take great pride in what we do. So rest assured your investment will be managed with the utmost care and integrity.

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Full-Service Management

We serve our clients using due diligence in the performance of the duties relating to the management, leasing, operation, and maintenance of the properties we represent.

Tenant Placement

We use all commercially reasonable efforts to rent out properties and units as they become available. Our policy is to attain highly competitive rentals with the least amount of vacancy.

Market Analysis

We use data from recent rental transactions in the area to determine the optimal rental rate. We then provide detailed documentation including recommendations for potential rent and expected days on the market.

Initial Property Assessment

Properties are evaluated to determine their rent-ready condition. The assessment involves a full on-site inspection which includes a functional and cosmetic evaluation. Owners are provided with a full report with recommendations for improvements along with an estimate of repairs.

Syndicated Marketing

Properties are prepared for rent by cleaning and optimizing interior and landscaping to increase curb appeal. Tailored ads are created then posted on over 30 different websites to maximize exposure.

Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening process includes a background check to verify identity, income, credit history, and rental history. Applicants are approved or denied based on our screening criteria in compliance with fair housing laws.

Lease Execution

We provide all lease agreements, necessary disclosures, and addendums. Then, we verify all necessary documents are properly signed and accessible for future reference.

Move-In Coordination

Prior to move-in, we perform a detailed inspection and orientation with the resident. Receipt of move-in funds, and verification of renters’ insurance and utility transfer are required prior to handing over possession.

Rent Collection

Rent is collected as determined by the lease agreement. We enforce rent collection policies to ensure timely payments and owner disbursements.

Maintenance Coordination

We both provide and oversee all maintenance services. Properties are evaluated for preventative maintenance measures to identify and deal with repair needs.

24/7 Emergency Support

Live maintenance support is available for both business and after-hours. Prompt response to emergencies minimizes risk and damage to the resident and the property.

Lease Renewal & Rent Analysis

Lease renewals and market evaluations are performed prior to the lease end date. Rent increases are made based on market conditions and rent regulations that may affect the property.

Monthly Statements

Itemized accounting for each property is provided on a monthly basis. Statements include documentation and receipts of any expenses. A year-end statement and 1099 form are provided as required for tax purposes.

Move-Out & Turnover Process

An inspection and report are created upon move out. Residents receive an itemized disposition with invoices and security deposit refund amount. The property is placed back on the rental market as soon as possible.

Signature Service

6-Month Property Inspections

Periodic inspections are performed at least twice per year, to ensure health and safety compliance. Any damage, lease violations, or areas of concern are noted in the inspection.

Delinquency & Eviction Processing.*

We will process any uncontested unlawful detainer and collection procedure against a delinquent tenant. This includes negotiating settlements or legally removing occupants from the property.

30-Day Lease Guarantee

If we are unable to approve a qualified tenant and sign a lease within 30 days, we will waive the Tenant Placement Fee.

Platinum Service

Preventative Maintenance Plan

As part of the initial Rent Ready Assessment, a separate report will be provided to the Owner identifying potential future repairs. It will also identify regular maintenance requirements and provide recommendations for maintaining the property.

Quarterly Pest Control Treatment

Treatment will be provided to the property every 3 months. Service will include inspection and treatment of ants and general crawling insects around accessible structure perimeter exterior and fence.

Annual Sewer Cleanout

Once a year, we will perform a clean out of the main sewer line will be performed. If the property does not have a cleanout access, we will provide a quote for installing one.

*Contested Evictions. Eviction cases that get escalated to litigation, would need to be referred to legal counsel. Any fees associated with legal representation would not be included as part of our service.